There are plenty of questions about yoga. We've answered some of them here, but get in touch if you have more.

What should I bring to class?

Just yourself and a water bottle if you want to bring some water to class (often a good idea). We have mats and props should you wish to use them, but after a while you'll probably want to get your own mat (yogis get quite attached to their mats and there are lots of different types of grip to choose from). A jumper is nice in the winter time before you're warmed up fully. 

I have never done yoga before, what do I need to do wear?

Yoga is great because you can do it anywhere, and the practice in itself is a warm up. If it's your first time, just come wearing something you can move easily in - it doesn't have to be lycra. Loose t-shirts and shorts or leggings are great - the kind of stuff you might go for a long walk or a run in (super tight jeans and tops are best left for afterwards). We do about an hour of active movement before resting for around ten minutes - so in the winter it's nice to have a jumper for that bit (but we have blankets too).

Do I have to take my socks off?

This is the all time famous question! Yoga is traditionally taught with bare feet - not just because socks can be dangerously slippy on the mat and cause you an injury, but because the muscles in the feet are some of the most important ones in your body when you first start to come to yoga. Allowing them to be on the mat, socks off, will get you thinking about how your feet keep you upright. If you really don't fancy being barefoot, have a look at grippy socks

Should I eat or drink beforehand?

Try to avoid an excess of either. Sip water (absolutely bring water to class if you want to) and try to avoid eating any big or heavy meals less in the three hours before class. This will mean that your body can focus on moving energy around you rather than digesting food (and you won't feel sick either). Some students who practice in the early morning will wait until after class for their breakfast - some will have a banana or similar beforehand, it's up to you. It goes without saying that drinking alcohol before class is not a very good idea at all!

I have an injury (new or old) - can I come?

Yes you can! One thing though - please remember that yoga teachers are not mind readers - while we can watch you move, we can only guess what you know and feel in your body. Tell us if you have an ache or pain - no matter how small. It's always better for us to know - that way we can be completely discreet about giving you modifications.

My ache/pain isn't going away what should i do?

Yoga teachers can help you to deal with on going pain, but for the most part we are not doctors or physios. It's ALWAYS worth getting a medical opinion if you have a niggle that's not going away. If your health practitioner has recommended yoga to you, please let us know a little more about your condition so we can help. 

I am pregnant or think I might be - can I still come?

Yoga during pregnancy can be hugely beneficial and can help to ease muscular discomfort and give you a regular time to practice your breathing techniques for birth. The one thing we'd say is to TELL US - we will be completely discreet and work with you to find the best postures for you at your stage. It's widely recognised that mums-to-be should ease off during their important first trimester, particularly on abdominal work. And there are changes in your body which mean that you need to be mindful when practising throughout your pregnancy - but if you have questions just ask. Please let us know before we start the class. 

I have just had a baby, can I come?

Again, decide how YOU feel after your birth, and chat to us about how we can make this a great experience for you. If you have recently had a baby there are still things going on in your body that you should be mindful of - for example, it's possible that you'll have quite stretchy ligaments right now! 

should come to a group class or have a private class?

The answer is, it's up to you - you never have to have a private class if you don't want to. Group classes are completely open and if you arrive with no yoga experience you will be entirely welcome and taught at a level that is comfortable for you. It can be nice to have a private once in a while as a treat - or if you're tight on time a private is a good option to fit around you and your life. You can even invite friends or bring the kids along!

Can I bring friends to my private class?

Absolutely - and for no extra charge. Private group classes are great fun and a good way to club together and save on costs. Just let us know how many people will be there so we can bring the right equipment.

How do I do yoga online?

Yoga is possible via Skype as long as you have room to roll out a mat and we can see you on the camera (and you can see us too!). Skype sessions are great if you are short on time or have just put the kids to bed. It's great to see you in person at least once, but if you're far away don't worry - we can work it out. Drop us a line and let's chat. 

There is no room in my house - where else can we go?

If it's just you, then you'd be amazed how little space we need. As long as you can roll out a yoga mat, stand in the middle of it and spread out your arms widthways, we will find a way. We understand there's not always room for lots of mats in the living room - so let us know if you need a class outside of our regular open class times and we will find a space, though we might have to add a little cost to your booking. 

Can I cancel?

Our group classes are drop in and you pay when you arrive. But if you cancel a private class with less than 12 hours notice we have to ask for 50% of the fee - or you can just rebook for another date in the following two weeks. 


London Day Retreats and parties
10am - 5pm

We are able to organise private yoga parties in your home or at a local venue (we can help). It's the perfect addition to a hen party or birthday with a difference. Just drop us a line and we will be happy to assist.