An hour just for you.

Yoga doesn't need to be complicated. You don't have to wear special gear or know what a parsvakonasana is. You don't even need to OM - though you can if you want to. Yoga is about spending an hour on you and your body. Listening to your own breathing, relaxing and having fun. Yoga is many different things to many different people - but for us, it's is as simple as joining the movements of the body with with movements of the breath. It can be done anywhere - in a class, in your house, in the garden, even on a plane. It can be for five minutes or fifty - you decide. Yoga is what you make of it, not what society or social networks tell you it must be. 


things we can cover in your yoga class

  • Easing a sore back from time spent at a desk
  • Unravelling muscles tightened by other sports
  • Stiff legs from cycling or marathon training
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Helping you to get a better night's sleep
  • Feeling less tired during the day
  • Dynamic movement to fire you up!
  • Breaking down yoga poses you've found tricky in the past
  • Getting the kids involved
  • Meditation and breath focus for stress relief