Wait, I'm not flexible!

Inflexible, unflexible, non bendy, stiff...there is nothing yoga teachers hear more frequently than students saying they aren't flexible. 

If we could say one thing, it would be - DON'T WORRY. 

Coming to yoga is NOT about being flexible. There are no requirements, and not prerequisites you need to come to class.

It's about enjoying yourself and not worrying about doing everything in one go. 

Many students find that the gradual stretching they get with yoga - along with the calming effect it has on their mind - is the thing that keeps them coming to class.

No one will ask you to touch your toes or put your leg behind your head - in fact, we'll NEVER tell you to do those things (particularly that last one).

And if anything is worrying you, just tell us and we can bear it in mind during class.